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#012. My Secret to Standing Out + 7 Ways You Can Use it to Your Advantage

June 17, 2020


As wedding photographers, we are artists and storytellers. Being in a creative field, there is a ton of pressure to stand out and to make a unique statement – just in general to be KNOWN for something. I remember feeling SO discouraged earlier on in my career because I felt like the quality of my work was never going to cut it. I wondered why a client would ever choose ME over all the other talented photographers out there!

It wasn’t long before I realized a couple of BIG things. First, I’m always going to want to refine my artistic craft – I’m a constantly evolving artists! But the bigger and more important lesson was that the SECRET to standing out really doesn’t have much to do with my artistic skills, but something much more simple. That’s what I’m talking about today!


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