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#013. How Having a Workflow Will Transform Your Business (+ I Share My Own Honeybook Workflow!)

June 24, 2020


Workflows are an essential part of the Hannah Bjorndal Photography business. They keep us organized, allow us to consistently give clients an amazing experience, and save us hours and hours of time on a weekly basis! If you’re not already implementing a workflow of your own, no worries. That’s what this episode is all about!

First, let’s define WORKFLOW. A workflow is a series of automated or semi-automated steps that you go through each time you work with a client. So, for a wedding photographer, a workflow may include a series of emails you send to the couple preparing them for their wedding day, reminders of the tasks that need to be done for that wedding, deadlines for photo delivery and more! Any action you need to take with a client should be documented and organized so that you can give your clients the same experience time and time again. That is what workflow does for you.

Next, how do you CREATE a workflow? Listen in or download the guide to learn all about it!


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