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#039. 5 Reasons that Reflection Will Make Your Business Stronger (+ A Free End-of-the-Year Guide!)

December 22, 2020


We are less than ten days from the year’s end and what a crazy/unexpected/HARD year it has been! I believe that in the good AND bad times, it is so important to PAY ATTENTION – to observe, comprehend and respond to what is going on in your business. Just like we go to the doctor for a wellness check-up, being intentional about your business’s health is vital to running a successful business that works for you.

Key Phrase: works for you.

Often, our business goals are totally out of alignment with what our true vision is for our ideal and most fulfilled life. We see what other photographers or wedding professionals are doing and assume that that is the end goal – what everyone is aiming for. In reality, your true vision for your life is likely very specific and unique, unlike your peers. In this week’s episode, we take the first step towards re-aligning your business (and life) to getting to your best life.


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