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#052. Reflections: 1 Year of Podcasting!

March 24, 2021

Hi friend! So, I can hardly believe it, but I have been podcasting for a FULL YEAR. Where has the time gone? At the beginning of 2020, I committed to showing up weekly and posting a new podcast every single week. And guess what, we made it! This is episode 52!

Today’s episode is on the shorter side, and it’s definitely more geared towards my loyal listeners, so if this is the very first episode you’re listening to . . . well, I’d suggest starting with a different one! What I’m sharing today is a little bit of a personal look inside my life and my experience as a podcaster and also giving you a little teaser as to what is to come in this next year of Everyone Wins!

Let’s do this!

Wow, one year of podcasting! I cannot believe I’ve posted 52 episodes and being doing this consistently for a full year. It’s funny because at the beginning of 2019, I intended to get started with podcast and even ordered a microphone and everything, but I stalled for a really long time. I shifted my focus to getting my new team members trained and off the ground, and also had a super busy year of traveling for weddings and shooting all over. It was a blast, but in the fall of 2019 I said 2020 is MY YEAR – I’m doing this! My business coach helped really push me to do it and also helped me gain clarity on WHY I was doing it, so in early 2020, I launched my little baby podcast – Everyone Wins.

Initially, my inspiration for the podcast was sharing my background in sales. As you might already know, I sold advertising and business tools to wedding professionals before I ever even started my business. I know. Crazy. And this experience set me up for so much success in starting a business – I basically went from having no clients to being a full time wedding photographer with a full-time income in 6 months. It was an insane 6 months!

So a skillset that I have always thought was an unusual strength in my business was knowing how to sell clients. However, as I got deeper in the wedding industry, I saw some other sales tips and strategies that I really didn’t like. They were sleazy, they were self-centered, and overall, it was just bad advice. Basically it was everything that people hate about salespeople, and it was being showcased as the right way to do things.

Now, given my excellent training in sales from my previous career, I was aware that the very best sales people 1) care about the people they are serving, 2) are honest and clear communicators and 3) use specific relational strategies to ensure that everyone wins. That’s right – the client wins, the business wins – everyone WINS.

My personal vision and values for my business had serving others at heart – I wanted to do an amazing job for my customers. I wanted to make them happy and serve them with my whole heart. I also wanted them to feel valued, honored and get a custom-tailored experience that would be everything they were dreaming of and more. And my former career had taught me that this all starts with an excellent sales process.

In past years, I’ve mentored and helped a lot of other small business owners in all areas of business, but the thing I always got the most excited about was sales and customer service (which I think are very much the same thing). And so when I saw a need for more education in this area, the idea for my podcast was born! I spent the first several months creating content that, in some way or another, led back to my own sales and customer service strategies. And it was fantastic. I got some amazing feedback and heard the best stories from you as you applied a lot of my topics.

Over time, I expanded the topics I covered and decided to share about other areas of my business that I am passionate and excited about. I also got feedback from you about questions or topics that you’d love to hear discussed and weaved that in to my weekly episodes. By the end of 2020, I realized that my podcast had slowly taken on a different shape – that of business strategy and mindset. Yes, sales is absolutely still included. And the motto of “Everyone Wins” is still at the forefront, but it’s taken on a new meaning!

Today, Everyone Wins represents all of us – business owners – and our clients. Having sound business strategies and the right business mindset allows us not only to pursue our best and most fulfilled life, but also to be filled with all the love and care and energy and motivation needed to truly serve our clients to the best of our abilities. When you are strategic, everyone wins.

So what can you expect on the podcast moving forward?

Well, first of all, the podcast is taking a little vacation from posting for a few weeks. I will be re-launching for year #2 in May, with a renewed focus and lots of excitement for the year to come!

I’ve previously focused almost entirely on my own content, but this year I have a TON of amazing guests lined up and I’m super excited to start sharing those with you! I want you to hear from a variety of voices, all of who understand the value of putting clients first and living up to your full potential.

As I always say, I LOVE to hear from you! So if you have a guest or topic that you would love to hear about, please send me a message!

And if you miss me in the meantime and just want to chat, I’d love to connect! You know where to find me – on Instagram @HannahBjorndal or you can email me directly at info@hannahbjorndal.com

Thank you so much for being a loyal listener and I can wait to talk with you in May!

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